The New York Yankees suffered a devastating loss to the Texas Rangers on Monday night, getting whipped by a score of 8-0.

In reality, the first 8 innings weren't bad at all, with Andy Pettitte holding the Rangers to three hits after giving up a two-run home run to Josh Hamilton in the 1st. On the other side, Cliff Lee was certainly being Cliff Lee, but as the Yankees have showed more than once in this postseason, no lead was a big enough lead.

Then in the 9th, the Rangers answered by giving themselves a big enough lead.

Boone Logan came in to begin the inning, and quickly gave up a double to Josh Hamilton. Mr. Guerrero followed that up by a single, which was also answered by a Nelson Cruz single which scored Hamilton. By this point, the Yankees had no chance.

After 5 more runs scored, the Yankees were left to come back in the bottom of the 9th with their top of the order, who were a combined 0-8 against Lee.

Coincidentally, that was the same score they trailed by.

Neftali Feliz eventually closed out the game, keeping Lee's two-hitter intact.

Sitting in Section 236 for this game, I'm not really sure what I was expecting. In my last article, I think I even said that Lee was as close to an automatic Yankees loss as there is. But with Andy Pettitte, one of the greatest postseason pitchers of all-time on the mound, one would expect the end result to be a bit different.

And it would have been too, if the bullpen didn't completely screw with any chance the Yankees had of coming back. Sure, a 2-0 loss would have been disappointing, but how can you live with an 8-0 routing when you paid hundreds of dollars for seats without backs?

All in-game action aside, though, I had a wonderful time at my first postseason game (I've been to a Devils playoff game before, a 2-1 overtime loss to the Hurricanes in 2009). Seeing the in-game introductions, almost the same as they were for Opening Day, was a very nice moment.

It's just when you leave after the game is over, minutes proceeding a woman sitting with her legs crossed and showing no fan appreciation whatsoever telling you to "stop being an ass" because you are trying to rally the Yankees back from an 8-0 embarrassment, being one of the only fans still in the stadium as it is, and on top of that knowing that your Game 4 starter will be the same guy who was 10-15 during the regular season, you get a bad taste in your mouth.

Sure, the Yankees could easily tie the series back at 2-2 after Tuesday night is over.

But then again, it could just as easily, if not easier, become 3-1 Texas after A.J. Burnett proves that his guaranteed money is actually being paid by Texas, and not the Yankees.