There's no denying it; The last couple of weeks for the Bronx Bombers have been a struggle to say the least. Losers of 9 out of their last 13 games. Several dismal performances from up and down the lineup. 

The past thirteen games have gone like this; Swept in Oakland(4), Took two out of three in Seattle (3), Lost two out of three to both Boston and Baltimore. Is it time to panic just a bit? No, but the proverbial Yankee fan who is spoiled and rotten with success might start to think that the Sky is falling. 2012 certainly has been an interesting year to say the least. 

I heard Yankee fans clamoring on the NY Sports Radio waves for another Starting Pitcher. "We need Cliff Lee or Ryan Dempster," during the 2012 Trade Deadline this past Tuesday. People need to realize, the pitching has not been the problem. If you look at it on paper the Yankees possess one of the deepest pitching staffs in Baseball. Look at the Bullpen alone, Are you kidding me? Even without Mariano (Baseball God) Rivera. 

The issue has been hitting in the clutch or otherwise known as hitting with RISP(runners in scoring position) and not relying solely on the Homerun to put together big innings.

Granted the Yankees lead the entire world by three miles in Homeruns. 166 long bombs at this very moment in the season. The next closest team trails by 18, that's tremendous in baseball terms. Homeruns are fun, but that's not what wins you games on a consistent basis. We can all wait for the 3-Run HR to come along, but come playoff time those type of situations and hits disappear. 


Let's face it, this week's series against the Orioles wasn't a bright spot. The time is now to MAKE A STATEMENT. 

Facing the AL West last place Seattle Mariners, it's about time for the Yankees to go out there and dominate a series from start to finish. No fooling around this go-around NYY. The offense needs to jump out early and demoralize a weak opponent.

C.C. Sabathia 10-3 3.57 ERA goes up against 55 yr-old Kevin Millwood (joking about his age of course) 4-8 3.90 ERA tonight at 7:05 PM.

It's time for Mr. Sabathia to answer the bell and deliver an Ace-like performance. I'm thinking 8.0 IP 4 hits 1 ER 11 K's or something of that nature. 

With the tough task of figuring out King Felix tomorrow in the Bronx, tonight's game is pivotal. Yes, I'm calling out the Yankees from my small little platform. I'm tired of the inconsistency. Let's get back to the winning ways. 

This series might not have all the juice you would want, and I've certainly been glued into the 2012 Olympics from London (Women's Beach Volleyball anyone?) All kidding aside, come on Yanks time to face the dog days of this long marathon season head-on. Anyone else feeling the same way?