This is what happens when you have a bunch of untapped creative energy on your hands. Just sitting around, I decided to write a couple of random poems about rain, music, and, of course, the Yankees. I think this one came out very well, and mirrors my feelings surrounding this Derek Jeter/New York Yankees contract dispute.

Just as a quick comment, I believe that neither side is really at fault. I just think that this is what happens when you have two big sides trying to figure something out. They don't call it negotiations for nothing!

Come on, Derek!

Where have you gone, Derek Jeter?

You are our captain, our savior, and our leader!

With five World Series Championships under your belt

If you ever left us we would surely welt!


The Steinbrenners and Cashman should be ashamed

For it is their actions which lead to blame!

They'll give you only 3/$15 while you want 22 million a year

It is a trav...wait, what did I just hear?


Say it isn't so, future New York mayor

The Yankees need to overpay for an aging position player?

It does not matter whether you are Jeter or Albert Pujols;

Nobody is worth that amount of Rupels!


Everything in this world is now wrong;

I feel like listening to a depressing song!

The Yankees and Jeter are now at odds;

Might as well go ahead and sign Bonds!


Derek Jeter is not like that, is he?

I thought he loved the Yankees so much he would play for free!

It certainly seemed that way throughout the years

When fans of all kinds would cheer for him and throw up their beers


There was the catch, the dive, the tumble

In a clutch situation he would never fumble!

He even earned the nickname, "Mr. November"

Because he gave us so many moments to remember!


It will all work out in the end;

one of these two will bend

We will all live happily live ever after...


Especially after 2011 when we parade down the Canyon of Heroes bathed in laughter!